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Hybrid and Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, but there are very few mechanics who have the necessary training to work on them.

This is because Hybrid and Electric vehicles are a relatively new technology, and most mechanics have not had the chance to learn about them yet.

If you’re qualified to work on EV’s and Hybrids in the UK, your certificate will be accepted by all garages.

However, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

Some workshops may not be able to accommodate EV’s and Hybrids.

However, it is always good to have the qualification in place, especially with the possible new rules that the DVSA may impose.

The Hybrid and Electrical Certificate is a lifetime qualification.

With the development of Electric vehicles (EVs) and Hybrid vehicles increasing, we recommend that you obtain CPD (continuing professional development) training in this area annually.

On completion of MTC Hybrid and Electrical Training, the certificate we provide you with is issued by the Skills and Education Group, which is a recognised qualification.

MTC are an authorised Training Centre by the Skills and Education Group to teach these qualifications.

Insurance Companies Refusing to Insure Garages

Many insurance companies are now refusing to insure garages if they do not have at least one mechanic with Hybrid or Electric vehicle training.

It has become apparent that many insurance companies are refusing to insure garages if the mechanics working there do not have this specific type of training.

This is causing a lot of problems for garage owners.

This is not the only problem that garages will start facing.

It has been said that, the DVSA may be making some changes that will be coming into place very soon, with regards to MOT testers, testing Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.

There has been many technicians suffering injuries whilst testing Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.

MOT Testers have got hurt whilst these types of vehicles are on the ramp, this is due to when the Electric vehicles battery runs low and it automatically starts up, causing MOT Testers to get hurt.

Due to health and safety reasons we truly believe that all MOT testers will need at least a Level 1 Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle Training to carry out MOT’s on theses types of vehicles. 

There are now over 500,000 zero and ultra-low emission vehicles on the UK road and the market for zero emission cars is increasing day by day.

We also believe that the DVSA will possibly roll out the new rules within the next six months, because of the amount of MOT testers suffering injuries due to the health and safety of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. 

The Best Way Forward

With all the new changes and new proposals, it is now time to get ahead and book your Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle Training. 

MTC offer a range of courses, that many MOT Testers have already taken and have the qualification ready in place for when your insurance is due for renewal and the possible changes come into force.

We also offer our Mobile Training Centre that comes to you!

We can provide the Full Hybrid Level 1, 2 and 3 Course including exams to certify you/your workforce.

For Training at your location, all we require is a quiet room and suitable seating for your staff/workforce, all other safety, learning aids and equipment are provided by MTC.

Hybrid and Electrical Training Courses available at MTC

Who can take the course?

The Level 1 Hybrid and Electric Training Course, is to raise awareness of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.

This course is aimed at anyone that may come into contact with Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, for example; reception staff.

The Level 2 Hybrid and Electric Light Vehicle Training Course, Level 2 HGV Training Course and Level 2 Buses Training Course, is aimed at mechanics and car valeters.

The Level 3 Hybrid and Electric Training Course is aimed at mechanics and technicians.

What documents are required for our HEV Courses?

For the Hybrid Training Course, Level 1 you will need;
⦁ To bring with you your valid ID

For the Hybrid Training Course, Level 2 in Light Vehicles, Buses and Heavy Goods Vehicles, you are required to;
⦁ To bring with you your valid ID
⦁ Have knowledge of the motor vehicles

For the Hybrid Training Course Level 3, you are required to;
⦁ To bring with you your valid ID
⦁ Have mechanical experience in the motor trade

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