Our brand new Hybrid and Electric vehicle training course facility is based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. We are now pleased to announce that we can offer this course at a venue of your choice in the U.K or Internationally from November 2021.

The course has been developed for technicians, who are required to diagnose, remove, refit and repair Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle components. It follows the National Occupational Standard, at Level 3 and successful completion (via formal assessment), leads to a nationally recognised Level 3 qualification.

This training course will enable you to recognise, evaluate, remove and refit Hybrid and Electric Vehicle components, as well as making the system safe. You will learn how to safely use a suitable multi meter, insulation tester, the oscilloscope and a diagnostic scan tool (DTC’s and Data Stream), as well as specialist safety equipment. You will access vehicle manufacturers’ information, as this is necessary to obtain accurate and safe repair operations.

During the course we will cover:

  •  Safe system shut down and recommissioning.
  •  Methods of safe component and system test and measurement.
  •  Using and interpreting vehicle wiring diagrams & tech data for speedy and efficient repairs.
  •  Hybrid propulsion and energy generation systems.
  •  Brush less 3 Phase Motor form and function.
  • DC and AC (3 phase) Control Systems.
  • Using OEM, Pass-thru and Aftermarket Scan Tools for the vehicle system and component diagnosis.
  • How to work safely on Hybrid and related vehicle systems.
  • How to carry out maintenance and repair activities when working on Hybrid Vehicles.
  • Construction and function of battery modules and related components
  • Hybrid drive train layouts

What courses are available?

Level 1 Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Training – Raising Awareness

Level 2 Hybrid Electric Light Vehicle Training  (Scooters and mopeds)

Level 2 Hybrid Electric Busses Training 

Level 2 Hybrid Electric HGV’s Training

Level 3 Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Training (Cars)

Who can take the course?

The Level 1 Hybrid and Electric Training Course, is to raise awareness of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. This course is aimed at anyone that may come into contact with Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, for example; reception staff.

The Level 2 Hybrid and Electric Light Vehicle Training Course, Level 2 HGV Training Course and Level 2 Buses Training Course, is aimed at mechanics and car valeters.

The Level 3 Hybrid and Electric Training Course is aimed at mechanics and technicians.

What documents are required for our HEV Courses?

For the Hybrid Training Course, Level 1 you will need;
⦁ To bring with you your valid ID

For the Hybrid Training Course, Level 2 in Light Vehicles, Buses and Heavy Goods Vehicles, you are required to;
⦁ To bring with you your valid ID
⦁ Have knowledge of the motor vehicles

For the Hybrid Training Course Level 3, you are required to;
⦁ To bring with you your valid ID
⦁ Have mechanical experience in the motor trade

Training at your location

MTC are very pleased to announce, we can now offer our Hybrid Vehicle Training Courses at your premises from November 2021. Our Mobile Training Centre comes to you.

We can provide the full Hybrid Level 1, 2 and 3 Course including exams to certify you/your workforce.

The Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Course will develop your skills around hybrid technology vehicles. You will focus on hybrid & electric safety, operation principles, series & parallel, motor assisted systems, extended range hybrids, electric vehicle operation, servicing, maintenance and diagnostics.

Requirements for the courses to be conducted at your location

Our Mobile Training Centre will need access to a conference room at your base with access to Wifi. At your base we will need a space in your workshop for the vehicle practical’s. Moreover, we also require a parking space for a 7.5 tone lorry and a trailer. There also needs to be a minimum of 5 candidates booked on the course being conducted.

More Detailed Information

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles is set to be a huge growth, with many motor manufacturers declaring that the end is high for traditional petrol and diesel engine vehicles. Hybrids and Electric Vehicles may seem complicated and daunting and can cause confusion when trying to service, repair or diagnose a system fault. In addition to this, safe working practices must be adapted during routine service and repair, as well as when components are removed and refitted.
Our expertise of Hybrid and E.V’s is down to our Master Technician-Lecturer with 40 years of electrical and mechanical expertise. We have been involved with the running Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, in the diagnosis and repair (including advanced battery repairs) and training. We currently have a Hybrid/E.V in our personal fleet. We also deliver; train-the-trainer on Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles, to training companies, technical college councils and major car dealerships throughout the UK and Internationally.

We have teamed up with the Skills and Education Group, in order to have this course accredited at Level 3. One of the reasons we have done this as an anticipation of proposed health and safety legislation and/or licencing for technicians who want to work with these vehicle systems. This course meets the National Occupation Standards at Level 2 and Level 3, and is formally assessed. Successful completion of the course and the assessment, will lead to the award of a Level 3 Hybrid and Electric Vehicles qualification.

It is anticipated that Level 3 will be the minimum requirement in the future. Best practice dictates that each technical staff member should be qualified to at least level 2 (service technician). Diagnostic technicians should be qualified to level 3 (for fault diagnosis and removal, test and refit of high voltage systems) and the senior technician/foreman should be qualified to level 4. The main duty of care as a business owner is the implications or liabilities, if inadequate training for these systems isn’t provided for employees.

This course will take you through our unique approach to safe working, service and repair, remove and refit of high voltage components. Everything we cover on this course has a direct link to the practical aspect of service, repair and maintenance of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.

How to book

You can contact us by calling 01274 965008 to check the dates of availability and prices.

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