6. Returning to MOT testing You need to do more training and take a test if you’re returning to MOT testing. What you have to do depends on: why you stopped testing how long you stopped testing for After a formal warning or disciplinary period You must complete all the steps before you can test […]

5. Annual training and assessment You must complete your training and pass an assessment between April and March every year, for example between April 2016 and March 2017. You choose when you do the training and assessment. You’ll be responsible for: planning and doing your training recording your training and keeping evidence of it booking and taking […]

4. DVSA MOT demonstration test You must pass an MOT demonstration test when you’ve got your level 2 MOT testing certificate. You can do the demonstration test at either: the training centre where you took the qualification course the MOT testing station you work at Preparing for the test Prepare for the demonstration test by: […]

3. MOT tester qualification course You must successfully complete an MOT tester qualification course to become an MOT tester. Before the course You need to show that you’re eligible to become an MOT tester. How to apply Find an MOT tester qualification course and book it with the course provider. You have to pay to take the course. […]

2. Eligibility To take an MOT testing course you must: have a current and full UK driving licence for the vehicle classes you want to test be a skilled mechanic with at least 4 years’ full-time employment servicing and repairing the types of vehicles you’re going to test have no unspent convictions for criminal offences connected with MOT testing […]

1. Overview Check that you meet the eligibility rules to become an MOT tester. Take an MOT tester qualification course. Pass a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency MOT demonstration test. You can then start carrying out MOT tests at an authorised testing station. You’ll have to take training and an assessment each year when you’re qualified.

A hybrid vehicle uses two or more distinct types of power, such as internal combustion engine to drive an electric generator that powers an electric motor,[1] e.g. in diesel-electric trains using diesel engines to drive an electric generator that powers an electric motor, and submarines that use diesels when surfaced and batteries when submerged. Other means to store energy include pressurized fluid in hydraulic […]

You need to take an MOT test in order to drive on the roads of UK. This test checks whether your vehicle is fit to drive; that is, whether it meets all the environmental and road safety standards set by the government. The MOT tester checks your lights, suspension, steering horn, seat belt, windscreen, brakes, […]

Hybrid vehicle training courses The government of UK has recently announced that millions of pounds of investment will be make of hybrid vehicles. These cars have very low emission.You will now find many hybrid cars on the road. The government has taken initiative to set up thousands of more charge points for electric vehicles on […]